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Chaos Theory  -  ChaosTheory | FFXIV: ARR Free Company | Hyperion Server
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Final Fantasy XIV Online: A Realm Reborn - PC - Hyperion (LEGACY) (NA)

Hyperion (LEGACY) (NA)

Class Requirements (Level 1+)
class Arcanist
class Archer
class Astrologian
class Bard
class Black Mage
class Conjurer
class Dark Knight
class Dragoon
class Gladiator
class Lancer
class Machinist
class Marauder
class Monk
class Ninja
class Paladin
class Pugilist
class Rogue
class Scholar
class Summoner
class Thaumaturge
class Warrior
class White Mage
class Alchemist
class Armorer
class Blacksmith
class Botanist
class Carpenter
class Culinarian
class Fisher
class Goldsmith
class Leatherworker
class Miner
class Weaver
Recruitment information
Who We Are

ChaosTheory is a Final Fantasy linkshell which originated on the FFXI Fairy Server, in early 2005. Over the years, we’ve had many members come and go, but there has been a core of us who have been together since (and even before) the genesis of our shell. As part of our original commitment to be a social shell in FFXI, we created two additional sister shells for those who wanted to pursue more end-game dedicated content such as Dynamis and Sky/Sea/HNMs in ChaosRising and LifeStream, respectively.

Looking Ahead

Now we are established in Eorzea, having formed a nucleus of old and new players over the last year or so. We enjoy a family friendly atmosphere, that like to focus on relationships rather than progression. Not to say that progression isn't important, but we believe when we gather achievements in game with friends rather than strangers it's that much more meaningful. We have players of all types in this Free Company, ranging from the very serious to the very casual, but the glue that holds us all together is that we always remember that there are people behind those players running around on our screens.

We have successfully formed a new family, and it truly feels like home again. For many of us, we have been searching for this home since the glory days of FFXI, and we firmly believe that we have found that home once more.

Come join us, and make our family... yours!
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